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Windows 8

Microsoft Windows 8 Released but what’s in it for business?

The buzz has risen to a fever pitch with Microsoft 8 live today. The new Live Tiles system is described as a ‘reimagining’ of Windows 7, but at first glance Windows 8 can seem like a more radical departure from previous versions.

Transformation to create a  more interactive interface makes sense for Microsoft’s pursuit of a greater share of the personal electronics industry. Logically, home and casual users are always going to seek continuity between devices as they switch between a PC, Tablet and Smartphone. Cloud storage offers the chance for full and seamless integration of multiple devices. Microsoft 8 reflects these users changing usage patterns: enhanced multi-tasking, automated updates of interactive tiles and the introduction of ‘Apps’ for Wikipedia and other web based resources.

But what’s in it for business?

I can reassure you that Business can safely embrace Windows 8 Pro and Enterprise. Microsoft has not risked the market in which they are a settled leader.

Apart from anything else – underneath the surface, familiarity can be restored as Windows 8 Pro lets you choose the familiar PC desktop that you know today. If chosen, other improvements remain, such as a rejuvinated File Explorer including a clever ’File Preview’ facility and improved capabilities to cut, copy and email files from a newly added ribbon.

Even so, Business users might be unwise to too quickly prioritise a familiar appearence, when once you get acquainted with the new way of getting around the system benefits are quickly apparent. Microsoft 7′s speed and reliability remains as a foundation, but the user experience has been significantly furthered and advanced.

Business users will enjoy the ability to log in to any system and find their files available and settings applied through ‘Windows to Go’. Microsoft recognises new working patterns in boosting the flexibility, security and ability of Remote Access, particularly in conjunction with Windows Server 2012.

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