Next Generation SaaS Backup
Radically Simple

Weekly, daily or high-frequency (hourly) backups

Unlimited retention:
Storage Locations in Europe or
connected customer-owned 53-compatible cloud storage

Backup, automated re-scheduling to avoid failures

Backups can be triggered by Admin for all or users

Most Complete Office 365 Backup
  • Backup O365 data with 100% fidelity, including full MS Teams support SharePoint and OneDrive file metadata and sharing permissions

  • Simplify and accelerate data recovery using Afi full-text Exchange mailbox backup search

  • Instant direct download of single items or full user backups in 7+ available formats

  • Easy to navigate point-in-time recovery, high-frequency backups with unlimited versioning
Intelligent Ransomware Protection
  • Ransomware encryption monitoring with instant email notifications for admins

  • Preemptive backups trigerred by Afi AI engine help to protect the latest versions of data from the encryption

  • Auto-labelling of recovery points to show the last clean backup unaffected by ransomware

  • Immutable backup storage – backups & past recovery points can’t be affected by cyber attacks.
No Backup Failures
  • Intelligent handling of O365 API errors (4xx, 5xx), prediction engine to avoid the API calls limit

  • Parallel execution, automatic reschedules, reconfiguration & retries of problematic backup runs

  • Instant email alerts for administrators in addition to configurable regular status updates via email
Radically Simple End-to-end Automation
  • O365 User Groups. You can assign protection settings for individual resources or entire user groups.

  • New O365 users and SharePoints are automatically discovered & protected

  • SharePoints or users deleted from Office 365 account are automatically archived and available for restore & export at any time
Access Control and Security
  • Office 365 Super Admins access to user backed up data can be configured, restricted or disabled

  • Detailed audit log with WAN IP addresses, session details, Admin actions and system events

  • Create custom backup operator roles for support team, enabling restore operations without data access rights

  • Enable self-service for end-users to let them recover lost items themselves
Automated Backups

Regular fully automated backup runs, resilient to MS API error.

Flexible Restore

Restore data to the same / other accounts, in-place or to a new folder

Instant Offline Export

O365 backup data instant export in pst, docx & other native formats.

Storage Locations

Select an backup storage region, or connect your own cloud storage

AI-based Automation

Use AI to automate backup & reduce time needed to manage it


Browse & restore any prior versions of O365 data without time limit


Configure end-user access to let them restore lost items.


Data at rest is encrypted with AES265 & TLS 1.2 for data in transit.

Remote Support

Remote Access to your PC
120 + VAT
  • Inital Check
  • Up to 120 mins
  • List Item #3

Remote Support

Remote Access to your PC
  • Inital Check
  • Up to 40 mins
  • List Item #3